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The Fringe Processor is a modular software system. With the core application there are already several basic plug-ins included, but additionally you may order some of the more sophisticated and sometimes highly specialized plug-ins.

All prices in Euro, without cost for shipping and without value added tax. Standard licenses do not allow resale.

Component Price in Euro
Base Package
including the core application and the plug-ins Example, Math, Mask, Filter, Transform, Statistic, RGB, Complex, Camera, MultiCamera, FFT, Display, and the Software Development Kit.
2800 €
Unwrapping 800 €
LeastSquaresFitting 600 €
Interferometry 1100 €
    Shearography 800 €
    Holography 1200 €
Correlation 800 €
FringePhaseMeasurement by VEW On request
    FringeProjection system by VEW On request
    FringeReflection system (Deflectometry) by VEW On request

Example Calculation

As Shearography is based on Interferometry, and both are based on the base package, the price would calculate as follows:

Component Price in Euro
Base Package 2800 €
Interferometry 1100 €
Shearography 800 €
Sum 4700 €

Non-Profit Discount

We distinguish between profit-oriented organizations like companies and non-profit organizations like universities, which get a discount of 36 percent.

Graduated Prices

Price reductions when ordering multi-user licenses are possible, but only when purchased within a single order and with all users having the same usage rights, i.e. to use the same plugins. Orders for two users are delivered in form of two software protection dongles, each with one user license. Additional user licenses are delivered on one of these dongles, in form of a multi-user dongle, and are available as floating licenses in the local network.

Additional dongles are available for an additional fee and may have the advantage of being available mobile (i.e. using a notebook while travelling) and reducing the risk of a single point of failure.

User Relative Costs Additional
No. of Dongles
Commercial Non-Profit
1st 100 % 64 % Yes 1
2nd 50 % 32 % Yes 2
3rd 25 % 16 % No 2
4th 25 % 16 % No 2
5th 25 % 16 % No 2
6th 25 % 16 % No 2
7th 25 % 16 % No 2
8th 25 % 16 % No 2
9th 25 % 16 % No 2
Beginning with the third license, a separate
software-protection-dongle is optional.
Each additional
dongle adds +25%
Each additional
dongle adds +16%

Resale Licenses

For resale licenses the same rules apply, except that for each additional user a separate software protection dongle is mandatory. The reseller is responsible for providing end user support.

User Relative Costs
No. of Dongles
1st 100 % Yes 1
2nd 50 % Yes 2
3rd 50 % Yes 3
4th 50 % Yes 4
5th 50 % Yes 5
6th 50 % Yes 6
7th 50 % Yes 7
8th 50 % Yes 8
9th 50 % Yes 9


For ten or more licenses, for an additional discount for customers from developing and newly industrialized countries, or for other requests, please contact our sales manager:

Dr. Claus Thomy <>